SPIUK Road Shoes - RODDA Road Shoe - YELLOW - 37 to 47

Highly-resistant and adaptable synthetic upper.
Optimum ventilation via DSS (Drilling Shell System) and extensive mess areas.
Three Velcro adjustment straps.
Concealed Velcro below the upper to adjust for high insteps.

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From the initial gesture when you adjust your shoes to fit your feet, through how comfortable they are and how they perform, to the moment you release and remove them, it all helps to convince you that you made the right choice with the #Rodda. A model conceived for tenacious cyclists that don't want major technicalities, for sportspeople whose main objective is to simply enjoy riding on the road.

Uncomplicated and free of mechanisms, containing just the three classic Velcro straps, the size and position of which have been carefully optimised, with one Velcro strap concealed below the upper to adapt to all types instep, regardless of how high. Their DSS (Drilling Shell System) upper and extensive mesh surface area at the front ensure perfect ventilation. The combination of their studied form and the rigidity of their nylon sole. It all helps ensure Rodda has great features and is very comfortable, shoes that will make you want to extend your bike rides.

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