SELECT kameleon.* , kameleon_traduction.*, traduction_fr.titre_traduction as titre_fr, traduction_fr.soustitre_traduction as soustitre_fr, traduction_fr.accroche_traduction as accroche_fr, traduction_fr.texte_traduction as texte_fr FROM kameleon left join kameleon_traduction on ( and (kameleon_traduction.langue='en')) left join kameleon_traduction traduction_fr on ( and (traduction_fr.langue='fr')) where isMeta is null and crit1 like '%-2___-%' and crit2 like '%-22-%' and crit4 not like '%-1-%' and isValid=1 and CURRENT_DATE >= date_debut_diffusion and CURRENT_DATE < date_fin_diffusion order by DESC

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